Rent Domain Names

Rent Domain Names

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Is Google is hijacking your search results?

Is Google is hijacking your search results?

When choosing a brand name you may have gone through all the standard ways to evaluate it. Is it easy to say, spell, and remember? Is it free from any trademark infringement? Are the social media handles available? Here are 10 more things to avoid when choosing a domain name.

Google Instant Search

But did you test it with Google Instant Search? This is Google’s way of predicting what a user is searching for before they finish typing in the entire word. However it can be very misleading and even driving your customers away from your website!

How is this possible? Well if your brand name is a creative misspelling of a common word, then the auto-suggestion will actually tell people searching for you brand name they are making a mistake and show them search results for the “correct” word instead.

Register Domain Name Misspellings

So how can you fix this? If your name is frequently misspelled and the typo are available to register as domains, then it’s time to register the .com and 301 redirect them to your main website.

If the domain typos are expensive to buy or owned by others then it might be time to think of a rebrand. It all depends on how much traffic your site is missing out on, and how much each customer is worth to your business.

Many business owners have websites are leaking traffic to typo domains and don’t even realize it’s happening. Then when when they do realize, it’s too late and they have to pay outrageous amounts to acquire the domain.

Check your Domain Search Results

So what do you do now? First check your domain name in Google. What websites are coming up in search results next to yours? Look at your Analytics and see if customers are typing in misspellings to reach your site. See if there are any other misspellings you need to consider.

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8 myths about the 8 myths of new gTLD

8 myths about the 8 myths of new gTLD

Why you shouldn’t believe the myths and hype around new domain names.

This post is in response to the article: 8 myths about new domain names

Myth 1: ‘.com’ is key for SEO

It is true that .com does not have a direct impact on Google’s algorithm and it does not favor one over another. However .com is still more popular and trusted so users will click over new.domain more often. Google’s algorithm will see the increased traffic and raise the .com ranking so it does infact have an INDIRECT effect on SEO ranking.

Myth 2: People don’t trust new gTLDs

It’s not that they don’t trust them, they are unfamiliar with them. Most people outside the domain space don’t know they even exist and reach the new gTLD through a link and go about their business. It is very rare for them to properly type it in from word of mouth. still becomes Also notice Twitch bought

Myth 3: You can always just change your gTLD

This actually makes a case to buy the .com first and build your site.

Myth 4: .com is dying

Again makes the case for buying .com.

Myth 5: .com is going to dominate forever

Even though .com will become less popular there are so many new gTLD that only a few will become trusted and compete with .com .net and .org

Myth 6: No established brands use new gTLDs

While it is true that established brands like Google, Microsoft, and Barclays are using new gTLD these brands are already established, have massive reach, and in the case of Google are making about 190 million a day. You’re average startup doesn’t have that kind of cash.

Myth 7: .fm refers to radio, .tv refers to TV, and .dj is meant for music

These may be country code domains but they have been cleverly repurposed and branded to refer to radio, tv, etc. This just shows that companies have to be creative to market the new gTLD because the average consumer has no idea what they are.

Myth 8: I may not use a .com now, but I should definitely upgrade when my site’s big enough

No, if you are thinking of buying the .com at all do it ASAP. The price will only go up and if you’re company has massive traffic it will start leaking that traffic to the .com. This happens more often than domaines realize and results in 1,000’s of visits per day to the .com. There are tons of companies that realized they needed the .com and upgraded too late and paid through the nose.

So what do you do then? The key to figuring it out is specific to every company.

Want direct, actionable advice that will save your company time, money, and stay ahead of the competition while avoiding legal issues?

How I took $1 and turned it into $1,000

How I took $1 and turned it into $1,000

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time.
However, I’m going to show you for free everything you need to know to make extra money online with little effort.

So what could I have possibly sold online that allowed me to spend $1 and turn it into $1,000?

Domain Names – you know those names you type in to get to a website. For example the domain name for this website is

Hard to believe, right? Well here’s the rub, there are tons of domain names available and you can still find come up with new names to register everyday, BUT certain types of names are more valuable than others and can be sold for $1,000’s and even $10,000s for very valuable names. That’s all well and good you’re thinking, but how am I supposed to make money with just a name?

The kicker is that if you just start buying any domain name that is available you’ll be wasting money like there’s no tomorrow. Trust me I bought some real lemons. Fortunately I bought enough good names to turn my fortunes around.

I’m not going to sugar coat this, buying domains can be a bit technical. There is a lot to know and it can be overwhelming very easily. That is why I am putting together guides to show you my techniques for finding good domain names, buying low and selling high.

And and if you’re still wondering, yes I really did buy a domain for $1 with a coupon code and sold it 6 months later for $1,000. That’s way better than any return you can get investing in just about anything – stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. The barrier to entry is also extremely low. Who doesn’t have $1 to spare to get their feet wet and try this out?

I can hear it now though I don’t want to go through all that trouble to get a coupon code and then have to figure out a name to buy. That’s too much work!

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Top 10 Brandable Domain Name Marketplaces

Top 10 Brandable Domain Name Marketplaces

Brandable Domain Name Marketplaces

Over the last few years a trend started to buy and sell brandable domain names. Brandable domain names are names suitable to be used as a companies brand name. These names can contain nouns, verbs, adjectives, keywords or be a made up name entirely. Short, easy to pronounce, and made up domain names have become  in demand because it’s easy for a company to pivot, expand, or completly change their business without having to go through a very costly rebranding. Lots of online marketplaces have been created to fill this demand. Here are some of the most popular.

Want to learn how you can get started buying and selling brandable domain names? Click here to learn more…


Naming businesses since 2007, BrandBucket is the original marketplace for business names.


Browse from hundreds of premium, hand-selected business names & domains for your new company, product, blog & website! Unique ideas for your company name.



Brandroot offers a unique selection of .com domain names, each with proven qualities found in successful business names.


Other notable brandable domain name marketplaces: