When choosing a brand name you may have gone through all the standard ways to evaluate it. Is it easy to say, spell, and remember? Is it free from any trademark infringement? Are the social media handles available? Here are 10 more things to avoid when choosing a domain name.

Google Instant Search

But did you test it with Google Instant Search? This is Google’s way of predicting what a user is searching for before they finish typing in the entire word. However it can be very misleading and even driving your customers away from your website!

How is this possible? Well if your brand name is a creative misspelling of a common word, then the auto-suggestion will actually tell people searching for you brand name they are making a mistake and show them search results for the “correct” word instead.

Register Domain Name Misspellings

So how can you fix this? If your name is frequently misspelled and the typo are available to register as domains, then it’s time to register the .com and 301 redirect them to your main website.

If the domain typos are expensive to buy or owned by others then it might be time to think of a rebrand. It all depends on how much traffic your site is missing out on, and how much each customer is worth to your business.

Many business owners have websites are leaking traffic to typo domains and don’t even realize it’s happening. Then when when they do realize, it’s too late and they have to pay outrageous amounts to acquire the domain.

Check your Domain Search Results

So what do you do now? First check your domain name in Google. What websites are coming up in search results next to yours? Look at your Analytics and see if customers are typing in misspellings to reach your site. See if there are any other misspellings you need to consider.

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