When buying a domain name there are lots of domain registrars to choose from. The following lists some of the best domain registrars and what makes them unique.


This is the first registrar made specifically for domainers. If you buy and sell domain names as a living this is the registrar for you. It makes buying quick and simple with a clean interface and no up-sells. Easily keep track of your other domains just by inserting your whois email and easily import them later. Instantly list them on domainnamesales.com marketplace right from inside your account.


Dyandot is simple to use and offers lots of features and full DNS access. It has it’s own backordering service and domain name marketplace so when you win an auction the domain is instantly transfferred into your account. Another must if you buy and sell domain names for a living.


Simple and and easy to use for beginners. Excellent customer support and they stand true to their name. You really can register domains for cheap. Lots of coupons regularly and discount prices based on how many names you have in your account.


A domain name registrar list wouldn’t be complete without listing godaddy. However this site is only recommended because so many people still use the site so it’s easy to transferrer domains to someone else and everyone know there name. You should really try out a different registrar though, there are tons of options.

More domain name registrar options.

The reason there are no hosting companies listed is that we recommend to never register your domain name with the same company that hosts your website.

  • name.com
  • fabulous.com
  • enom.com
  • hover.com
  • moniker.com
  • networksolutions.com
  • tucows.com
  • domains.google

Do you think there is a domain name registrar missing that should be added to the list? Leave a comment below.

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