Why you shouldn’t believe the myths and hype around new domain names.

This post is in response to the article: 8 myths about new domain names

Myth 1: ‘.com’ is key for SEO

It is true that .com does not have a direct impact on Google’s algorithm and it does not favor one over another. However .com is still more popular and trusted so users will click newdomain.com over new.domain more often. Google’s algorithm will see the increased traffic and raise the .com ranking so it does infact have an INDIRECT effect on SEO ranking.

Myth 2: People don’t trust new gTLDs

It’s not that they don’t trust them, they are unfamiliar with them. Most people outside the domain space don’t know they even exist and reach the new gTLD through a link and go about their business. It is very rare for them to properly type it in from word of mouth. Twitch.tv still becomes Twitch.tv.com. Also notice Twitch bought Twitch.com

Myth 3: You can always just change your gTLD

This actually makes a case to buy the .com first and build your site.

Myth 4: .com is dying

Again makes the case for buying .com.

Myth 5: .com is going to dominate forever

Even though .com will become less popular there are so many new gTLD that only a few will become trusted and compete with .com .net and .org

Myth 6: No established brands use new gTLDs

While it is true that established brands like Google, Microsoft, and Barclays are using new gTLD these brands are already established, have massive reach, and in the case of Google are making about 190 million a day. You’re average startup doesn’t have that kind of cash.

Myth 7: .fm refers to radio, .tv refers to TV, and .dj is meant for music

These may be country code domains but they have been cleverly repurposed and branded to refer to radio, tv, etc. This just shows that companies have to be creative to market the new gTLD because the average consumer has no idea what they are.

Myth 8: I may not use a .com now, but I should definitely upgrade when my site’s big enough

No, if you are thinking of buying the .com at all do it ASAP. The price will only go up and if you’re company has massive traffic it will start leaking that traffic to the .com. This happens more often than domaines realize and results in 1,000’s of visits per day to the .com. There are tons of companies that realized they needed the .com and upgraded too late and paid through the nose.

So what do you do then? The key to figuring it out is specific to every company.

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